Water Review #3 – Lofoten

This will be a challenging review – this water is so light! However, there’s plenty here to taste and notice. Hope you’ve been enjoying the reviews! Expect some more tea water recipes in the next couple months too. By the way, when tasting water, always use a clean glass, cleaned with hot soap and water and air-dried.

Today’s water is:


Origin: Lofoten, Norway

Bottle: 888 ml Glass

Mineral Content:

SulfateNot reported
SilicaNot reported
Ion concentrations in mg/L from Water Quality Report
Hardness8.35 mg/L as CaCO3
Alkalinity5.98 mg/L as CaCO3
Hardness to Alkalinity Ratio1.4
TDS 30 ppm
Electrical Conductivity at 25ºCNot reported
Cations charge.5079
Anions charge.4864
Water quality report error4.4%
Other statistics
Electrical Conductivity at 25ºC66 μS/cm
Drinking Temperature55ºF (12.5ºC)
Measurements (mine)

I paid $10 for this bottle of water at Salacious Drinks, so I expected a premium experience. Spoiler: it’s premium for sure. The bottle is incredible, with its enormous sloped cap and airline-like graphic design/font choice. The water itself seems to be from a freshwater reservoir. The inhabitants of Lofoten get this water out of their tap, it seems… lucky them! Thanks to the Lofoten water crew, we can get it too, well-bottled and presented.

At 30 TDS, this water is all about purity and subtlety. No smell. Taste is initially neutral-sweet. It is light and seems to hold together well in the mouth. I can taste some dissolved gases, like oxygen. There’s a slight salinity in the mid-aftertaste that’s really pleasant. It comes off as ultra-crisp, smooth and light with a very slight bitterness. Dominance of chloride with little/no sulfate causes it to taste smooth and clear. The taste is really flawless – the glass bottle imparts no off taste, and nothing went wrong during bottling. Quite often, water in a glass bottle can have a plastic or metallic taste because of a variety of factors: a plastic cap liner that underwent heating, plastic pipes on the bottling line, etc. Lofoten has really excellent quality control and tastes completely clear. I always feel good whenever I drink it – it’s somehow energizing. If you want a flawless, light water, this is a perfect choice.

For tea, this water would make extremely pure and refreshing sencha.

91 points